Welcome to the Neopets Newbies guide for those beginning their Neopets adventures.

Here is what you need:

1. Creativity (Do you have a great imagination?)

2. Information about you (Do you know who you are?)

3. Email address (Do you have one?)

First, click here to start. You should be on the Neopets sign up page. You will see you need your creativity to create a username and password. Think of something clever like instead of powerful, p0w3rful. A strong password is also necessary to keep unwanted people from stealing from you! Instead of iamgreat, try Imgr3at! Check the box stating that you agree to the terms and conditions & privacy policy, and click next. Input you first name only, select your gender (You are human right?), when your birthday is (If you can remember!), and which country you reside (city, state, and zip code for U.S residents only). Click on next, which should bring you to step three of four, which is your email. This is you@example.com. Retype it then, click on next to the last step. You will notice that in the top right corner, your username and 1,000 neopoints just for signing up! To create your first neopet you will need your creativity again! First, choose your favourite color, red, green, blue or yellow. Choose a species, sometimes there are limited edition neopets. Then, give your pet a name! Selects its gender (so it’s not an it), where your pet likes to live, what s/he likes to do, how s/he greets others, and finally, their stat(istic)s. Click on next, you are not done yet! Go check your email as The Neopets Team (TNT) has sent an activation code so you can do more and TNT can confirm that you really who you say you are. Click on the link in the email or type in the 5-character code in the box provided on the site. You are officially done! You can open your newbie pack, collect your FREE 150 NC (neocash) at the NC Mall, create a Neohome, or just browse the site. In case you need help, you can start reading the Neopets Players Guide. I will be explaining some of the basics of Neopets with game cheats and guides coming soon!

The Basic Rules of Neopets

Never supply any personal information on any page on Neopets or to another user.

Don't ever give out your password to anyone (on or off the Neopets site).

Neopets is a game not a way to make money.

Play safely.

Respect the community.

You may only have five accounts.

Cheating is bad.

Defrauding is very bad.

You are a guest.

For a more in depth description of the terms and conditions, click here.

Page Layout

Every page is laid out with the main bar along the top with tabs for My Account, Pet Central and others. To the right of this bar there is your username, neopoints and the logout. Along the left side, there is a preview of your pet, search neopets box, and neofriends box. Along the bottom of every page there are links to the privacy policy, safety tips, contact us, about us, link to us, and help. In addition, the option to change the language to one of eleven including French, Japanese and others.

Quick Reference

When you click on your active pet in the preview box on the left side column, you have the stats and notices about your pet(s).

Referral Program

When you click on the link to us at the bottom of the page, you can read about how the program works. When you refer people to Neopets by one of the three ways, you will be rewarded!

Search Neopets

In the left side column below your pet preview box, you can the entire Neopets site for a user look up, pet look-ups, or item description.

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